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After the first round of the first base of Simian's second base hit, Chapman's hitting series allowed the sportsman to take the lead. In the first game, Upton also knocked out the second base hit. Unfortunately, Otani was not beaten by Puhos. Way to send him back. In the second game, in the case of two players out of the 1st and 3rd base, Marcus Simeon blasted a three-point home run to give the team a 4-0 lead. The second game was selected by Kovat. However, the teammates did not form a series. In the third game, Chris Davis blasted the Yangchun cannon to expand the lead. After that, the sportsman captured the first and second bases. Unfortunately, Laurieno was not beaten by the strikeout. The third game was Eric-Yang. Picking up four bad balls to Buy MLB18 Stubs save, unfortunately Upton's double play ended the team's offense.

In the fourth game, Simeon completed a single double-shot cannon, and then Chapman, Lori and Davis scored consecutive hits to score points. In the fourth game, Puhous knocked out the hits, but Simmons The double killing ended the angel's attack. In the fifth game, the sportsmen captured the first and second bases. Unfortunately, Simian did not form a series of hits. In the fifth game, the sportsman pitcher Jackson cast a three-and-three round. In the sixth game, Lorie was sent to the second base after being sent by the storm. Unfortunately, the two top players still did not expand their lead. In the sixth game, Jackson still did not let the angels hit the base. In the seventh game, both sides had hit the base but did not capture the point.
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