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I also feel that there are a buy Maplestory M Mesos lot more nefarious ways to punish individuals who'll go to a PQ and AFK (or any other training map for that matter). The way this would work is that as long as you are an active party member, you will continue to gain party exp. Once you go dormant you stop gaining exp from party kills, pretty straightforward actually.

An inactive player will be described as a player who: Hasn't killed a single mob in the past 5 min (for routine maps) or 1 min (for PQ and boss maps) with an active assault (summons, DoT, passive damage, spirits, familiars are not active attacks. Kishin would not count as an energetic attack, just to make that clear for kanna leechers). Dealing any amount of harm to your boss counts as killing a mob for this definition.

To discourage only having inactive enthusiast mules on your parties, an inactive party member will still count as a regular party member when calculating the exp reduction you get for kills. This means that having buff mules on your party at SDH will still decrease the exp you get from leeching even though they will not be gaining any exp themselves. This is primarily to combat Maple story M Mesos people who misuse at least two computers to train in a celebration with their particular buff mules.

Among the biggest arguments I see against this is that individuals can be busy in a celebration by speaking to party members rather than killing anything. I agree with you, this should count as an active party member. But, I do not understand how this could be put into place. It'd be insignificant enough to write a script that makes your afk leecher just spout off collections of Maple M Mesos words which appear ordinary enough so that it's again considered "active" and gains exp for leeching. I am attempting to buy mesos maple story m avoid leeching, therefore if someone can propose a remedy for this problem then I'll gladly consider it.
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