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Your Gun Man helps you connect and share with the people in your life.


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What are the blogs on Your Gun Man for?
Your Gun Man offers the use and maintenance of blogs to its users. Blogs are ways for our gun enthusiasts to keep track of the aspects of guns and gunman-ship that interests them.

Within the "Blogs" section of the site (can access this by clicking on the "Blogs" tab on the top menu) there are several categories, under which users post blogs. Where as the forums are a place for members to discuss different topics about guns, blogs are more of a place to go and give your own personal experience accounts on something, and a place that other people can read and comment on. Think of it as your own journal for anything gun-related.

Browsing Your Gun Man's Blogs
To browse the blogs on Your Gun Man there are a couple of different ways you can choose from. First, by clicking on the "Blogs" tab, this will take you to the front page of the blog section on our site. On the left hand side, there is a menu listing different categories. Just click on one and explore.

Looking for something a little more specific? On the left hand side you will also see "All Blogs", "My Blogs" and "Friends' Blogs". "All Blogs" will let you view all of the blogs. From here, type into the search box any key phrases that you would be looking for like "gun control policies" or "gun care and maintenance" for example. If there are any blogs that talk about these things, you'll find it here.

"My Blogs" filters so that just your own posted blogs show up. "Friends' Blogs" lets filters for the blogs of anyone on your friends list.

How do I start my own blog?
While in the "Blogs" section of our site, on the top right hand side is a button labelled "New Blog". Clicking this will allow you to start a new blog.

Title: What the name of your blog will be (perhaps what its main topic is?)
Post: This is the most important part, the content of your blog. Here you can insert a photo, emoticon,a link, a video or a file.
Category: Select your category. This will place your blog somewhere, grouping it with similar blogs.
Topics: Here you list what topics your blog covers. Think of this like the keywords that are in your blog, making it easier for people to find them.
Privacy: Here is where you select if it is a personal blog, or a blog that can be friends, friends of any of your friends, or by anyone. You can even set it up so only a custom group can view it.
Comment Privacy: Similar to the privacy section, but it limits who can leave comments on your blog.

Once your blog is finished, you can see how it will actually appear on the site by clicking "Preview". To finish the blog, click "Publish" and this will post it to the "Blogs" section.

If you aren't finished, but need to save it for later then select "Save as Draft".
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