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Your Gun Man helps you connect and share with the people in your life.


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Membership Levels Defined
What are the membership levels of Your Gun Man?

Our memberships have 4 levels. The site is points based. Everything you do gets some kind of point added to your profile. These points are based upon your membership level. In other words, the higher the level the higher the points for certain things.

Example: A top Level "Sniper" post a picture and gets 3 points, while a 3rd level "Marksman" post a picture and only gets 1 point.

The membership levels are:

1. Sniper Admin - These are the guys that are developing and running the over-all site.

2. Sniper Mod - These guys over-see day to day operations and moderate the forums against user abuse. They have the power and authority to delete post and threads that are not up to standards for Your Gun Man. They can also banned a user for profanity and things of this nature.

3. Sniper Pro - This group is our business users group. They have the same membership level as the "Sniper" but with additional business perks. They will have their own business stores within the site and have sponsorship from the site.

4. Sniper - This is our top everyday membership. It has more perks than the memberships under it. The points earned on the site are the highest in this group.

5. Sharpshooter - This is our mid-level membership. Points can earn your membership up to this level.

6. Marksman - This is our entry level membership. Points can also earn you up to this level.

7. Grunt - This is our FREE level membership. You can earn your way up to Sharpshooter from this level. The more you use the site, the more points you earn.
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