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How do I upload a picture as an avatar?
An avatar is a simple picture that helps to identify a user on Your Gun Man. Uploading an avatar is also a required portion of our registration process.

To begin with you must first have a picture to use. The picture can be of a JPG, GIF or a PNG format, and must be within 9.77 mb. You can use any picture that you have stored on your computer, or you can find a picture on the internet, save it to your computer and then upload it.

To upload the actual picture:

[1] Click on the button that says "Choose File". This will open up a window that will allow you to browse your computer for a saved picture.
[2] Once you click on the picture you want click on the button that says "Open".
[3] Now it is time to Crop your picture. The picture will show up in a small window to be cropped.
[4] Click anywhere on the picture and drag to make a box. This box's size can then be adjusted to make it bigger or smaller, and its position can be moved to the portion of the picture that you want to use. (A small preview window next to the original image will show you how the cropped image will appear on the site).
[5] Click on the button "Save Avatar" to crop and save the picture as an Avatar.

Once you have an avatar selected, but want to edit it or change it, just go to your profile page (clicking the drop-down menu "Profile" and clicking on "My Profile") and then mouse-over and hover on your avatar picture. In the top right hand corner of a picture a link will appear that says "Change Picture". Click that to either edit your current picture, or to upload a new picture.

You can also edit your avatar or profile picture by going up to the "Profile" drop-down menu, and selecting "Edit Profile Picture".

Why do I need to crop my avatar picture?

Avatar pictures need to be cropped so that we have uniformity throughout the site; this way, all the avatar pictures can have the same dimensions and show up on members computers all the same way.
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