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Your Gun Man helps you connect and share with the people in your life.


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How do I edit my profile?
Your profile is your personal piece of Your Gun Man to personalize and make yours as you see fit. Under the "Profile" drop-down menu you will find four useful links:

[1] "My Profile"
This is a link that will take you from where ever you are on the website, to your profile page.

[2] "Edit Profile"
Clicking this allows you to edit the information and data that is found on your profile. At this page, you will find the information is broken up under several categories: "Basic Information", "About Me", "Interests", "Details".

[3] "Edit Profile Picture"
This option allows you to change your profile picture by re-cropping the current picture that you are using. You can also use this option to upload a new picture.

[4] "Customize Profile"
This option lets you design and re-design your profile page. From here you can select a theme, hide or show various "Blocks" and can even change the color scheme of your page.
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