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Things I like about Path of Exile:

1) Player driven economy. This to me may be the hugest thing that Diablo 3 is missing. The chance to trade is often a tedious chore for a few but I love having the choice to do this in a very game that requires loot.

2) Constant updates. The game can be quite different then it turned out POE Currency a year ago and it is going to be very different per year from now.

3) It's hard. When I desire a challenge I get it. Sometimes when I don't desire a challenge I get it anyways. I basically die everyday while playing and streaming the sport because if I'm not attending to or hardly understand a mechanic I will get destroyed. I used to hate this about the experience but it continues to grow on me.

4) It's grindy. If I have an idea for any character or find an item that pulls me in a very direction I ought to make a completely new character that may take 20+ hours of in game time for you to see that vision through.

5) The company is wonderful. They are clear in what they are working away at and it's a corporation that "gets it" in comparison to its making macro decisions how the community will delight in.

6) The community is excellent. Like Diablo 3, there are lots of guides and content creators. People are similarly chill and because from the difficulty on this game I find town is generally smarter plus much more mature than your average gamer.

Things I dislike about Path of Exile:

1) Having to leave the sport or download alternative party programs. Third party tools are just required to learn things about the sport, check stat ranges, and trade.

2) Sometimes feels clunky. I use a great computer and net connection but I experience desynch and rubber-banding sometimes. Movement abilities and environment interactions don't always do how you feel they're gonna do.

D3 is fun for everybody. It's easy to understand, enjoyable to learn, as well as an overall beautiful experience. PoE is made for hardcore gamers. It's a challenge and has now tons of depth and content that is certainly changing and growing. It's possible to like both games while they scratch different itches. Now more ways to buy bargain POE Orbs, as an example, visit official MMOAH site.
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