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It is like routine Maple with Buy FIFA 19 Coins

Sooo... yeah, I'm fairly unimpressed. It is like routine Maple with Buy FIFA 19 Coins a slightly marginal beginning handicap... I dun no, possibly if yer like new it is tougher but I barely noticed any real difference in any way, other than not getting drops of other classes and not being able to put equipment in my storage... which is actually horribly stupid because that usually means you can not amass equips on your account.

Quite simply... it's exactly what I said before... Pink Bean Mark II... I just don't see the purpose of it, I truly don't. Regular Maple is not pay to triumph. You can pay to win, but you do not need to pay to profit. You find the difference there? It's a LACK of options. It's not "different", it is simply TAKING OUT an existing option.

It is sorta like going into a restaurant and you'll be able to order a hamburger or you may purchase chicken nuggets... but then the restaurant opens a new branch called "reboot" where they just sell burgers... you are not getting anything "different" you're simply getting something LESS. The only real point I could see is it is a "clean slate" entire world for leveling positions, but that is pretty much it.

It's also a LOT less challenging also, since not only is it just play to win, it's BABY MODE play to win. Meaning the HIGHER you level, the simpler it gets to farm unimaginable mesos that could be used for pretty well unlimited cubing.I desire they had not improved the meso fall rate, that would have been a better challenge... or possibly extract spell traces, cause that's just dumb, the spell traces are worth as far as the highest level meso drops!

Ignoring The Drill Hall Elephant In The Room

You know it happened to me today, as I went looking for new training areas... that there has to be a massive amount of people in denial. Fundamentally the Drill Halls are now useless for grinding. Waaaaay too many platforms and pretty well the exact same number of mobs leaves it
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