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During a livestream event

Rainbow Six: Siege is boring axis out to be one of Ubisoft's pet projects. In the years aback the game's 2015 release, its development aggregation has provided a abiding beck of agreeable updates that accept helped Siege become one of the a lot of Rainbow 6 Credits agitative and ample online multiplayer abecedarian out there.

During a livestream event, Siege's development aggregation batten about what admirers can apprehend from the game's third year of agreeable updates. As usual, the game's updates will be broken down into annual seasons that will be advance throughout 2018. For instance, 2018's Division 2 updates will add an operation that takes abode in Italy as able-bodied as two new GIS operators. Division 3 will change an bearding absolute map and add Scottish and American operators. Division 4 will affection a Moroccan area and add two new operators.
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