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Adding to the idea of a seamless multiplayer world

Adding to the idea of ARK Survival Evolved Items a seamless multiplayer world, the company said via their Facebook page that Ark Park will have a “comprehensive weather system and a day/night cycle.” Their early art also hints towards being able to use maglevs and jeeps to traverse the park, in addition to walking on foot.

Get ready to tame dinosaurs and explore an island all from a phone or tablet with the arrival of ARK: Survival Evolved on mobile devices. According to publisher Studio Wildcard, the mobile version of the game will be released this spring.Players will be able to experience Ark: Survival Evolved‘s universe in all its prehistoric glory, as the mobile version will not be a stand-alone spinoff, but a “full online survival experience contained in the PC and console versions,” according to a release from Studio Wildcard.
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