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To reach the Champions League semifinals

As early as last week, the Italian media reported that Milan intended to introduce Depei. The latest news of the “Football Market” is that Lyon has marked the price for Depei, and the price of this talent is 40 million Euros. . In fact, when Lysander was introduced last summer, Lyon spent only 16 million euros. In just one season, they had the opportunity to earn 24 million euros in the Dutch.

The news brought by the "Football Market" is that Milan thinks that the price of 40 million euros is a bit high, but from the perspective of the current inflation in the transfer market, the 40 million euros of Depey are "innocent" not expensive. Do not know whether Milan boss Li Yonghong has the courage of last summer and spent huge sums of money to FIFA Coins continue to surprise Milan fans.

To reach the Champions League semifinals, we need a perfect match. We must be more calm on the court, create opportunities, and do not waste opportunities. We must strive for advanced goals and strive to score the second goal. There are at least 90 minutes for the game. Anything can happen. We must do our best. Although this is difficult, we know how to do it. Like football, life is full of challenges. Guardiola said.
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