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Sphincter muslce unveils new type of Counter-Strike’s Dust 2 map

Certainly one of Counter-Strike’s most popular typical maps, Dust 3, just got an renovate in Counter-Strike: International Offensive. Valve revealed the changes to the place, which include a substantial image upgrade, on the game’s website.

Valve told me with the new variant of CS: GO’s Dust 2 “we wanted to honor it is pure form although buffing away the particular jagged edges. ” The update is going to improve player readability, “refine movement across the world” and modernize the map’s images.

“We set out to polish it further as opposed to performing a from suppliers redesign, ” the business said.

Some of the most evident visual changes to Dirt 2 come in the form of lighting. The map is lighter and even brighter throughout, together with Valve has taken out a series of dark areas where players can camp. Valve in addition has adjust some of the map’s geometry, removing or perhaps relocating objects that may obscure line of perception or interrupt movements.

Here’s what On top of said about one particular change to bomb web site A, where the broken-down cars in that location have been merged into one.

“Experienced players will now not have to worry about regardless of whether they’re going to acquire hung up and newbs won’t wonder if these are definately going to get burned up, ” Valve mentioned. “Annoying physics centered detritus props will also be replaced with more foreseeable static prop details such as weeds and rocks. ”

Particles 2’s update furthermore comes with updates to be able to player models. The particular Leet Krew terrorists have been overhauled to fit the map’s vision upgrade. Valve includes a bunch of screenshots showing the changes to Airborne dirt and dust 2 and the fresh terrorist models on the Counter-Strike website.

CS: GO players can easily opt in to the game’s beta build to experience the new Dust couple of for themselves.

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